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Feel the Wind and Stay RootedFeel the Wind and Stay Rooted

Age well and with grace, no matter how fierce the wind that comes your way. Devise a plan to manage chronic degenerative conditions.

10 Warnings Signs of Full-Blown Health10 Warnings Signs of Full-Blown Health

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Usually we hear, “watch for these 10 warning signs of __________ (fill in the blank with XYZ disease).” How often do we learn the 10 warning signs of full-blown health? Hardly ever or never!

20 year Retrospective Reflections20 year Retrospective Reflections

Wow As of January 2015, I have been in practice for 21 years. Looking back, I see what I have learned about health, some of which my wonderful patients have taught to me. In this blog and future ones, I will highlight a few.

Try Chiropractic First: It Just Makes SenseTry Chiropractic First: It Just Makes Sense

Have a musculoskeletal problem? For quality and improved economic outcomes, research points to the fact that one should see a chiropractor first and within 10 days after the onset of a musculoskeletal pain episode.